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i made this for myself (asked help from facebook friends) but i think maybe it will help someone else too 

you wouldn’t believe how much therapists try to get their clients to do these things, so good job there :D


Looky there, I made a funny. Also, I’m still pretty addicted to STEVEN UNIVERSE.

Sableye belongs to Nintendo

STEVEN UNIVERSE belongs to Rebecca Sugar

Art (and hopefully the idea) belongs to me.

I called you when I wrote this
But any chance of you getting my messages still hopeless
And I’m so sick inside
That I gotta stop writing every six seconds
So I, can scribble out the lies that I’m telling myself, you see telling em helps
Cause instead of you I remember somebody else
And I know that ain’t right
But otherwise sleeping at night will be impossible like,
What you expect me to do,
When every morning I’m expecting to be resting with you
But I ain’t see you in months
Shit I ain’t see you in months

what sense is there in that
I’m staring at your picture wondering what you doing and where you at
See I thought back then that we were meant for one another
the thing that we were kissing in Paris just last summer
And It’s apparent that I’m struggling to recover
Cause I’m tearing out my hair when I’m picturing you with some other
And I can’t help but wonder,
If you love her more
But I know he won’t treat you better
Yea that’s for sure
I’m not asking for your sympathy
I’m just insecure
It doesn’t help that theres the rose pedals on my floor
cause it was premature
But that morning you told me you’d always loved me
That with me you feeling so secure
So you see why it’s so hard to endure
why it’s so hard to endure
Cause i was so sure
Cause that’s why it’s so hard to endure
That’s why it’s hard to endure

Was it part of the allure
I mean on world tour
You and me traveling across the globe
That had me lost
With no thoughts so slow
When things down
But I didn’t know dreaming and bounce(?)
So I was reading the profound
And even around I started
When we started the fight
I maybe thought of it twice
Thinking that this is just part of the price
We have to pay while we’re apart every night
Cause we got caught up in life
But vision is always twenty twenty in heigh sight

So in my minds i
Died to make it happen
Packing every other weekend
Headed back to manhattan and that was
While I was trying to save up on mere fractions
Working over time asking for more shifts
Cause the last thing I wanted

Was for us to lose attractions through the distance
Little did I know it was too late to make a difference
But a bitch that do you insist that i???
Ever since I’m too distracted it’s so confusing
It takes me days to finish a verse
Cause all these memory’s hurt
And I remember her first
For whatever is worth,
Just tell me
Do you remember her first,
Do you remember her first,

We’ve been deserted, that doesn’t mean that we deserve it
Is it worth it, keeping ourselves at bay
Set sail, you’ve spent way too much time living your life, in exile
To say goodbye, to the shoreline

Maybe if I’m sent off to sea, I’ll find out what this means to me

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